At Trinity we long for students to make the most of every opportunity to grow in love and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that comes by being active in the mission of a local church.

We are easy walking distance from CitySpace!

Someone at the University Christian Union will be happy to point you in our direction and if you would like to meet with some of our older students or staff team to walk to church from campus with on Sunday mornings we can arrange this.

Please email Duncan if you want more details or have any questions.

International Students

Life away from home in a foreign country and strange culture can be extremely hard, unsettling, and emotionally difficult, especially during these challenging times. If you are an international student studying at Sunderland University, we recommend that you get in touch with James Adair who is a member of our church family.

James works for Friends International in Sunderland which helps support students from around the world who have come to study here. James organizes English conversational classes, English café visits, hosting with local families and many other activities both in person and online for international students.

Please contact James here for more info.